1. Click Here to submit Your gallery. Recip button required! See bellow. Place Our Button with Two Others.
2. If you are a partner, please submit Your Gallery Here.
3. Want to be our partner?! Read:
  • Send us 5 sample galleries and description for each, plus your host's address.
  • You may include login and password u prefer.
  • Partners must use only our recip button, No other buttons for partners!
  • It takes up to 30 days to be reviewed.
4. Feel free to Contact Us. Good Luck!


  • Our recip. button required. It's Only 1k, no worries.
  • No frames, No java scripts, No free hosts, No Tricks, Don't even Try!
  • We don't accept galleries or domains on bannersless free hosts.
  • We Do accept our older buttons.
  • Babiex is about 100k/day and we have quality English speaking visitors.


Sites (Script TM3) Trade Amount Text links/Thumb links Type Trade Forms (Not for Surfers) Galleries
Babiex.com 100 - 3 000 Text Links Only - 100% 95% Content Trade Closed N/A Closed
United-Porn.com 400 - 10 000 Text 20%, Thumbs 80% 70% Content Sign Up Here! N/A Closed
MixPix.com 400 - 4 000 Text 20%, Thumbs 80% 70% Content Sign Up Here! N/A Closed
Points2Porn.com 200 - 4 000 Text 20%, Thumbs 80% 70% Content Sign Up Here! N/A Closed
MillionPussies.com 200 - 2 000 100% Thumbs 70% Content Sign Up Here! N/A Closed

You May Also Contact Our Trade Manager: ICQ 383595

Don't trade with us if u are using stolen script copies!! Our sites powered by 4xTM3, 2xUCJ & 4xAutoG'SQL scripts.

General Rules:
  • Don't try to cheat us otherwise I will contact all of your traders, also you will be posted as a cheater on most popular aw boards.

  • No zero sized frames or image sources.
  • Strongly no popups, consoles, delayed popups or any other trick.
  • Let me know if u have any dialer on exit for some countries!
  • Please, force some traffic to get trade started, 50-100 hits.
  • We don't trade with webmasters who trade with cheaters or any suspect sites.
  • No CJ sites at all, at least 60% of your traffic must go to real content.
  • No Tricks with IPs or anything else.
  • Don't trade with all of my sites at once, choose only one site!
  • Don't ask to force traffic if u can not trade at least 3-4k per day.
Additional Rules for Babiex Only:
  • No blind dialer banners or links like "movie 2mb" "download" "5min Mpg" and more...

  • Trade with text links sites only.
  • Again, babiex doesn't trade with sites using thumbnail links.
  • Only TGPs or TGP2, No CJs or CJ2 sites.
  • Not Exits at All, even for some countries!!



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